Combined we bring over three decades of success in the Talent Acquisition space. In capacities of Technical Recruiter, Senior Recruiter, as well as Talent Acquisition Manager.

Since graduating college we’ve each forged path that have gradually and strategically positioned us to whereby today we are poised to bring our collective expertise to others, and to truly do what we feel best suited for: helping good people find good jobs.


During our careers we’ve played a key roles implementing cutting-edge sourcing techniques to secure top talent. We are well versed recruiting the highest level of talent in multiple areas including Technology, Management, and Administrative personnel.

The number and types of hires we’ve participated in are too numerous to list here, but suffice to say we’ve had the benefit of exposure to innumerable hiring managers and interviewers, providing invaluable insights into what it is employers are typically looking for in today’s candidates. And it is not always obvious on a resume. There are so many skills to refine with interviewing. So many nuances most people simply are unaware of. We’ve always felt strongly each of us is essentially interviewing and building a resume each day of our Life. lawenforcement2

To see an in-depth look at our work history, feel free to visit Patrick on LinkedIn.

With this venture, we hope to have the opportunity to share some of our experiences and wisdom to help you rapidly improve your chances of getting to that dream job, or at least a role that will provide satisfaction and contentment as you continue to pursue that penultimate opportunity in your professional career. We know that are positioned to help you leverage your aspirations to chase your passion, not just your pension. To get to that place professionally where you can feel fulfilled and valued.

Of course, we cannot guarantee your results will mirror ours, everyone’s journey requires a personal path. What we can however promise you is honest, sincere feedback, coupled with candid commentary, and if at all possible the impetus needed to get where you dream to be!